QIS Capital offers our investors asymmetric exposure to one of the biggest macro opportunities in our lifetimes. Our fund is well-positioned to take advantage of both upside and downside directional movements in cryptocurrencies. We employ machine learning-based investment strategies that are fully automated 24/7, 365 days a year. Our algorithms find low-risk opportunities to enter / exit long and short positions. Although we expect Bitcoin and crypto as an asset class to rise significantly, there will be periods of large drawdowns if one invests using a long only / buy and hold strategy. Our fund avoids large drawdowns and allows greater compounding of investment returns by using artificial intelligence to trade the markets at high speed. Our algorithms process vast amounts of data and take directional exposure but only for short periods of time. This is the key innovation that our fund brings to the financial markets.


We invest and trade the major liquid coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, that are listed on centralised and decentralised exchanges. We use our proprietary investment algorithms to generate tens of thousands of trading signals per year. Our holding period varies from short-term (several seconds to minutes) to long-term (days and weeks). With these signals, we construct a balanced portfolio, with no extreme risks in gross exposure, net exposure, issuer concentration or leverage. We also run a conservative risk management overlay and do not employ leverage in our portfolio.

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Global markets are themes driven. An understanding of mega trends and global macroeconomic conditions will impact asset allocation decisions.


Fundamental factors play an important part in our long-term process. We assess changes in supply and demand, inventory and other fundamental factors.


Quant and technical analysis drive our short and medium-term trading. We use machines to monitor market trends, microstructures and cross-asset relationships.


News and major global events can drive near-term price movements. These serve as catalysts to drive gradual and step-change in the market's view on asset valuation.



Data Collection & Exploration


Data Curation & Feature Analysis


Strategy Creation


Backtesting & Stress-testing


Market Monitoring & Trade Execution


Portfolio Construction


Risk Management & Portfolio Review


What is QIS Capital?

QIS Capital is a new type of investment fund created by financiers and technologists. We use artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to invest in cryptocurrencies. With this novel approach, we can build portfolios that can generate superior risk-adjusted returns for professional investors.

Why invest in digital assets?

Investing in digital assets provide

1) a hedge against fiat currency devaluations and

2) exposure to growth assets in a more digitally-driven world.

How does our investment process use artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing?

We use artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to collect and analyse vast amounts of  financial markets data to develop price prediction models of major asset classes. We use these algorithms to make investment decisions, execute trades, and manage portfolio risks.

Who can invest in the fund?

Only accredited investors are eligible to invest in the fund. Investment in the fund is open for non-US investors only.

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