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Kas Vardhanabhuti

  • Kas brings investment and trading acumen through his experience at global financial firms. Prior to QIS, Kas oversaw and analyzed investment opportunities and at Soros Fund Management, Davidson Kempner, Dymon Asia, and Morgan Stanley.

  • Kas graduated with a BA and an MA in Biochemistry from Oxford University, and an MBA Wharton. Kas is also a CFA Charter holder.


Tee Vachiramon

  • Tee brings technological knowledge as the founder and CEO of Sertis, a leading artificial intelligence company in Asia, using AI to solve real-world business problems for major corporations. Prior to QIS and Sertis, Tee is an experienced entrepreneur having co-founded multiple deep-tech companies in Asia. 

  • Tee graduated with a BA and an M.Eng in Electrical and Information Science Engineering from University of Cambridge.

General Partner

Yannan Wang

  • Yannan brings technological knowledge and investment experience through his career in entrepreneurship and finance. Prior to QIS, Yannan co-founded multiple deep-tech companies in Asia, co-founded a global real estate private equity company, and created risk-models for financial institutions at Oliver Wyman. 

  • Yannan graduated with a BA and an M.Eng in Manufacturing Engineering from University of Cambridge.


Anthony D'Silva

  • Anthony D’Silva is the founder of Incu Global, a global multifamily office platform. Prior to Incu Global, he was a partner of Apex Fund Services and Managing Director at Apex Investment Consulting.

  • Anthony has completed an MBA Essentials Certification Course from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Deputy CIO

Krit Jannak

  • Krit focuses on quantitative research and specializes in systematic trading with a focus on L/S statistical arbitrage and market-neutral strategies. Krit previously worked for leading firms such as WorldQuant, JPMorgan, SCB Asset Management and Government Pension Fund.

  • Krit also holds degrees in Financial Engineering and  Financial Statistics from Henley Business School, University of Reading and London School of Economics and Political Science.

General Partner

Lili Wang

  •  Lili brings investment and risk management experience through her career in investment banking, private equity, and public-markets trading. Prior to QIS, Lili managed and analyzed investment strategies at Goldman Sachs and Seneca Capital, and co-founded a global real estate investment company.

  • Lili graduated with a BA in Economics and an MS in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University.

Research, Engineering and Operations Team

Alexandre Boyker

Associate Principal of Research & Investment

Tuntai Boriboonthana

Senior Quantitative Researcher

Chawanvit Ekarittikrai

Data Scientist

Tanapat Xu

Senior Software Engineer

Khunpisit Siriyaphan

Senior Software Engineer

Rinlapat Pusanasurapant

Product and Operations Manager